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Motion for Parliamentary Investigation Made for Child Marriages

Deputy of Manisa Aytug Atıici made a motion for parliamentary investigation to the parliament speakership of the Grand National Assembly about the problem of child marriages. Aytuğ stated that the problem of child marriages is an urgent matter to which the parliament must tend and bring a solution.

Women`s History in the City`s Memory

Some recent news from Izmir has reported the inauguration of the first women's museum in Turkey by Konak Municipality, yet there was a mistake; Women's Museum Istanbul had been established long before. We asked Meral Akkent, the museum's curator, the short history of this enterprise and the journey of women's museums that started in the 50's.

National Platform against Child Marriages Sees Minister of Family And Social Policies Aysenur Islam

As National Platform against Child Marriages, founded last year on October 11th on the International Day of the Girl Child and comprising 64 non-governmental organizations from 15 cities, we paid a visit to the new Minister of Family and Social Policies, Aysenur Islam, together with representatives of non-governmental organizations from various cities.

The Stories of Four Women Scientists Make an Animated Movie

Flying Broom Women's Communication and Research Association has launched a project for primary school students. A model study supported by European Union Central Finance and Contracts Unit and Ministry of National Education is being carried in schools picked by Ankara Provincial Directorate for National Education in the city's Pursaklar district.

Brand New Year, Brand New Festival!

17th Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival is now waiting for your submissions!

National Platform Against Child Marriages for 11th of OCTOBER INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE GIRL CHILD

National Platform against Child Marriages' peaceful Bicycle Protest which was performed the day before International Day of the Girl Child in Ankara, platform called for people to become aware of the girls and say: Let the girls be in playgarden, not in the kitchen!

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