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Flying Broom (Uçan Süpürge) was founded and began its activities in 1996. The organization’s initial aim was to establish a network between women’s NGOs and to function as an information and documentation center. Over the years, our organization has raised many funds from both national and international sources towards the implementation of projects under the scope of improving women’s status and capacity.

Flying Broom is supported by a large circle of volunteers from women’s NGOs, the media, universities, individual activists etc. By promoting women's empowerment, Flying Broom also aims to contribute to the process of democratization and the development of a civil society in Turkey, in accordance with the international gender equality norms and principles formulated at Beijing (1995) and other international conferences and summits.

The Aims of Flying Broom

. To improve and empower civil society in Turkey and to contribute to the democratization process.
• To create and increase public awareness of women’s issues and to empower women.
• To raise sensitivity in terms of gender equality in public.
• To increase communication, collaboration and cooperation by developing networks among women’s organizations, civil society organizations working on women’s issues, and national and international women’s organizations and between non-organized women and women’s organizations.
. To improve the dialogue and cooperation between women’s organizations and public institutions, including local administrations, central administration, Bars, and the General Directorate of Women’s Status.
• To monitor the development of women’s organizations, their structures and their field of work and to share this information with women’s organizations, other NGOs working on women and people dealing with women’s issues.
• To run studies about media and women.
• To make news about women’s issues available and to inform the public through the mainstream media.
• To encourage women to take active part in media and to provide proper representation of women in the media.
• To increase the importance and visibility of women’s efforts in culture and art.
• To construct a women’s historical archieve through web pages, publications and Flying Broom’s written and visual materials.
• To give consultancy services to national and international entities about women’s organizations in Turkey.

The Vision of Flying Broom

Flying Broom aims at contributing to the overall gender equality in Turkey and the institutionalization of gender equality. Within this framework, Flying Broom:

• Tries to implement the gender equality norms and principles formulated at the Beijing Conference and other international conventions in every aspect of life.
• Supports newly established women’s organizations, believing that the empowerment of women’s organizations is the first step towards the empowerment of women.

The Mission of Flying Broom

Flying Broom primarily works in three main areas to achieve its aims:

• Networking
• Communication
• Capacity building / Empowerment


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